Geocode Factory offers you a powerful route planing tool to get to the currently selected entry from your position (or any address).

In the following demo map, you are creating a website for aliens who just came onto this planet from a distant galaxy and are interested in travelling to different cities in search for the best city to move to. 

You have set up a collection of interesting cities (as SobiPro entries) to help the alien clients on their exploration.

Open any marker bubble (entry) and either:

  • enter an address or,
  • click the "Locate me" icon

Your itinerary will then appear with detailed instruction under the map.

You will also motice the choice of Driving, Walking, or Cycling in the dropdown to the left under the map. The default option is Driving.

To change the type of directions, select another option and click on the Waysearch button of your bubble once again. (Sorry there is no flying saucer planning option. Best for your alien clients to get used to earthly ways and just try to fit in!)

Note: The last two options are usually better fit to be used for shorter distances than for travelling from one city to the next. 

Try it !

How To Configure

The way to achieve this is the following: In your markerset manager select the markerset of your choice. Then, under the "Template" tab simply enter the placeholders in the "Bubble template" box as seen in the image below. 

Also, you must set "Use route planer" to "yes" under the "Map settings" tab of your map inside the "Map manager" (not shown below). 

Note: The markerset type is a SobiPro one in this case so the placeholders "Title" and "filed_country" refer to SobiPro fields. The principal is the same however in the case of Community Builder, JomSocial, Mosets, etc. Finally, the placeholder "Waysearch" is also available as is with any and all the plugins/gateways used.